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进程文件: hpztsb03 or hpztsb03.exe
进程名称: hp deskjet taskbar utility

hpztsb03.exe is a process belonging to the hp deskjet taskbar utility which is installed alongside the hp deskjet range of printers. this program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be
属于:hp deskjet taskbar utility
安全等级 (0-5): n/a

01/20 21:48
进程文件: go or go.exe 进程名称: go!zilla monster downloads 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: go.exe gozilla.exe is a product of digitalcandle which manages and schedules downloads. this is a non-essential process. disabling or enabling this is down to user preference 中文
01/23 08:38
进程文件: hpbpsttp or hpbpsttp.exe 进程名称: hp toolbox startup 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: hpbpsttp.exe is a process associated with the hp toolbox startup software. it is bundled together with hp laserjet printers. 中文参考: 对不起,暂时没有中文参考! 出品者:hp 属于:hp printers 系统进程:n
01/19 09:38
进程文件: hypertrm or hypertrm.exe 进程名称: microsoft hyperterminal 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: hypertrm.exe is a process belonging to the microsoft windows utility hyperterminal which offers telnet facilities. this is a non-essential process. disabling or enablin
12/28 22:24
进程文件: rapimgr or rapimgr.exe 进程名称: microsoft activesync module 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: rapimgr.exe is a process associated with the activesync software from microsoft. activesync is a software used to synchronize data on your pc with a mobile system suc
12/29 08:36
进程文件: sethook or sethook.exe 进程名称: fellowes mediaface 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: sethook.exe is an application from the mediaface software suite which is used for creating media labels. this is a non-essential process. disabling or enabling this is down to
01/01 10:27
进程文件: msswchx or msswchx.exe 进程名称: findwhatever adware 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: msswchx.exe is a process associated with the findwhatever adware. it will display ads on your computer. this process should be removed to protect your personal privacy. 中文参考:
01/16 15:17
进程文件: msgplus or msgplus.exe 进程名称: msn messengerplus 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: msgplus.exe is distributed as a third party msn extension. however is also spyware if installed with the sponsor program it offers to install. if this optional sponsor program
01/16 01:05
进程文件: flashksk or flashksk.exe 进程名称: datacaching 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: flashksk.exe is a background task installed alongside smartmedia card readers. it is essential for the running of this card reading device. this program is a non-essential system p
12/20 12:54
进程文件: smsx or smsx.exe 进程名称: security technology solutions smsexpress 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: smsx.exe by security technology solutions is a utility which sends sms text messages to other peoples mobile phones via the internet. this is a non-essential p