msmgs.exe是什么进程 有什么作用 msmgs进程查询 【百科全说】-今日足球竞猜

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进程文件: msmgs or msmgs.exe
进程名称: w32.alcarys.b/g@mm worm

msmgs.exe is a process which is registered as the w32.alcarys.b, w32.alcarys.g worm. these viruses are distributed via the internet through e-mail and comes in the form of an e-mail message, in the hopes that you open it’s hostile attachment. the worm h
属于:w32.alcarys.b/g@mm worm
安全等级 (0-5): 4

kernels32.exe是什么进程 有什么作用 kernels32进程查询

01/09 18:31
进程文件: kernels32 or kernels32.exe 进程名称: dloader-fc trojan 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: kernels32.exe is a process associated with the dloader-fc trojan. this program is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately. if found on your system make

keylogger.exe是什么进程 有何作用 keylogger进程查询

01/13 15:16
进程文件: keylogger or keylogger.exe 进程名称: jannet keylogger 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: keylogger.exe is a versatile hacking tool which logs keystrokes silently. the most popular variant of this file, jannet, silents logs keystrokes and automatically sends the
01/14 04:32
进程文件: mcpserver or mcpserver.exe 进程名称: stardock mcp 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: mcpserver.exe is a process from stardock which deals with windowsblinds and is essential for stardock applications. this program is a non-essential system process, but should no
01/13 00:42
进程文件: mgui or mgui.exe 进程名称: bullguard antivirus 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: mgui.exe is a part of bullguard anti-virus software. this program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. 中文参考: mgui.ex是bullgu
01/19 11:00
进程文件: mksc or mksc.exe 进程名称: relevantknowledge spyware 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: mksc.exe is a process associated with the relevantknowledge spyware. this process should be removed to protect your personal privacy. 中文参考: 对不起,暂时没有中文参考! 出品者:n/a 属于:relevantk
01/17 16:33
进程文件: monitor or monitor.exe 进程名称: microsoft monitor 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: monitor.exe is a service which is a part of the microsoft server operating system, and is specifically related to monitoring hardware components for performance bottlenecks. 中文
01/14 10:54
进程文件: monitr32 or monitr32.exe 进程名称: canon monitr32 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: monitr32.exe is installed alongside drivers for th canonmulti-pass prniter series. this program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected
01/16 01:12
进程文件: mozilla or mozilla.exe 进程名称: mozilla browser 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: mozilla.exe is a process belonging to the mozilla internet browser which allows you to surf the internet in relative safety. includes mail, newsgroups, internet chat and pop-up s
01/13 14:52
进程文件: msgloop or msgloop.exe 进程名称: crystal msgloop 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: msgloop.exe is a process relating to crystal and conexant audio hardware and deals with audio streaming. this is a non-essential process. disabling or enabling this is down to us