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进程文件: vobregcheck or vobregcheck.exe
进程名称: vobregcheck

vobregcheck.exe is a process that belongs to the instantcopy cd/dvd copying software from pinnacle. it is used to verify the registry settings.
出品者:pinnacle systems, inc
属于:instantcopy cd/dvd copying software
安全等级 (0-5): 0

12/25 04:26
首先,先来说一下它的作用,txplatform.exe的作用非常大,在你点击论坛上面人家的qq的连接弹出一个临时聊天的qq窗口时,这个进程在起作用 主要是验证双方的有效性,以及你登录q-zone时的身份验证,都是靠这个进程的;当这个进程不存在时,你登录q-zone会尝试启动这个进程,如果失败,则输入网页登录 如果你确定不使用以上功能,而只是利用qq聊天的话,可以使用下边的办法来禁止这个进程 禁止txopshow.exe、txplatform.exe、qqpetagent.exe自动运行 qq
01/08 09:18
进程文件: pccntmon or pccntmon.exe 进程名称: trend micro pc-cillin antivirus real-time monitor 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: pccntmon.exe is a part of pc-cillin anti virus suite. it monitors in real-time, for virus threats running or being installed on your computer.
01/07 22:33
进程文件: pg_ctl or pg_ctl.exe 进程名称: postgresql control process 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: pg_ctl.exe is a process belonging to the postgresql relational database management system. this program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should

player.exe进程是什么意思 player进程查询

01/08 20:24
进程文件: player or player.exe 进程名称: webmassiva player 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: player.exe is an audio application from webmassiva called softsynth player. this is a non-essential process. disabling or enabling this is down to user preference 中文参考: player.ex
01/12 21:28
进程文件: kenmail or kenmail.exe 进程名称: avm ken server - mailserver 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: kenmail.exe is a proxy server application. this program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems 中文参考:
01/10 06:03
进程文件: kodorjan or kodorjan.exe 进程名称: kodorjan trojan component 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: kodorjan.exe is a process that belongs to the kodorjan trojan. kodorjan trojan is a backdoor worm that steal personal data. this program is a registered security risk

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01/10 20:19
进程文件: launch or launch.exe 进程名称: vantarakis launchh 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: launch.exe is a part of the vantarakis launch application which assists internet users, in uploading their privacy by clearing out history files. this is a non-essential process
01/10 15:01
进程文件: limewire or limewire.exe 进程名称: limewire executable 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: limewire.exe is a process associated with the limewire peer to peer file-sharing client. 中文参考: 对不起,暂时没有中文参考! 出品者:lime wire llc 属于:limewire 系统进程:no 后台程序:no 网络相关:yes 常见错误:n/a
01/14 10:42
进程文件: logitray or logitray.exe 进程名称: logitech quickcam assistant 进程类别:存在安全风险的进程 英文描述: logitray.exe is a part of the logitech image studio and is installed alongside the logitech quickcam range of products. allows an easy-access traybar icon which giv